DIY?Can you do it yourself?

Are you willing to save a few bucks and do the installation yourself? No problem! Here at Airclass Misting System we give you a chance try yourself in something new.
Here are few tips how to avoid mistakes..

  • Work with water knows to be tricky sometimes. We all know those leaking problems that are really hard to solve and include a bit of our imagination or tools. Depending on the length of the territory or area the water pressure goes from 500 psi up to 1150 psi. That is why it is very important to make sure that all the parts of installation are connected and secure.
  • Use all the parts that you are given. Do not skip any step while connecting the misting system. Every small piece or ring is there for a reason.
  • Make sure that the pressure tube is secure in the wall. Everything may look good until you decide to open the water tap or adjust a higher pressure.
  • Read the manual to activate the pump.
  • And lastly, don’t forget a fresh drink!

Airclass Misting System has a 10 year experience in this installation. Fully equipped and organized they assure you in perfection and in avoiding these mistakes. Whether ordering our service or doing it yourself we hope you have a nice, enjoyable summer!

A misting system is a cooling system constructed of misting nozzles that are connected to a tube and pressured to provide a fine spray. The pressure is being created with a fog machine or a pressure pump. Depending on the length of the territory or area the pressure goes from 500 psi up to 1150 psi.
As part of the system, we use water filters. They assure you that the water is clean and can be used for cooling in restaurants or cafes. In areas where water is already clean you have an extra protection.

After making sure that the water is clean and safe our priority is rust prevention. That is the reason why we use fog machines and mist nozzles made of stainless steel. Fog machine operates from 80W up to 3KW depending on the length of territory or area that needs cooling.

Airclass Misting System team is trained and fully equipped to design and install the system in any area. All your requests and wants are possible with the help of our work.

Our team is capable of installing a misting system in any outside or inside areas that need cooling. Here is a list of some of them:

– Restaurant
– Cafe
– Outside club
– Inside football field
– Pool
– Garden
– Patio
– Balcony

You may be wondering if it is possible to have installation in a closed inside area. Our answer is yes! A misting system is constructed of misting nozzles that provide a very fine spray. That way the water mist is spreading and cooling the air without getting you wet.

For any replacements and shopping for parts of misting system please contact us on: or call our customer service: +31 648 596 618.

Working hours:

Mon – Fri: 9:00 – 16:00
Saurday: 9:00 – 13:00
Sunday: closed

Installation prices depend on the length of the area that needs cooling.
Nozzles, connectors and filters have set prices as well as installation service. Fog machine prices vary depending on the power that is needed. Tubing is priced by meter.

If you want to know the price for your misting system installation, please feel free to send us an inquiry. We can design a professional cooling system in any area and calculate you the price. If you don’t have the measurements our team can come at your address and do it for you.

Every customer that has ordered our service has a one year warranty since installation. Warranty is covering installation and connection-related issues if the installation was done by our stuff members. Most warranties do not cover normal wear and tear, improper use, abuse, neglect, lack of preventative maintenance, or other user-induced problems.
Your receipt is your warranty. Please, make sure that you have it when you call us. Unfortunately, we can not provide you such service without it. In situation of losing the receipt we can not prove your warranty.
For more details please check our Terms and Conditions or contact us via:

You can send us an inquiry with more details about what kind of installation you need. Feel free to call or email us (check the contact details on the bottom of the page). We are also available on Facebook and Instagram.
If you don’t have details on your installation, our team can come to your address and do the work for you.

We're happy to answer questions or help you.