About Us

Airclass Misting System has established reputation in the industry for providing the highest quality and standards in low, mid and high pressure cooling system. Because of our exceptional innovative products and professional approach to every project, our misting system is cooling dozens of cafes and restaurants as well as football fields, gardens, patios and pool areas. With over 10 years of experience in misting installations and fulfilling our customers’ desires and requests we can say that our work goes beyond professional. Quality is the heart of what we do, starting from materials that we use to the fine spray that we provide. The touch of creativeness has let us become what we are today.

Our team has its roots in beautiful mediterranean coast along with more than thousand islands and countless number of cities by the sea. The idea of this way of cooling comes with our own experience and satisfaction. Every project is seen as individual to our staff members. Their work and creativity assures you in professionality and care that we put in every installation. With your trust we create impossible!


Inspiring our stuff to their brilliant performance. Gathering experience and creative ideas.


Making every customer desire and request a reality. Creating projects up to our best creative limits.


Accomplish a countless number of satisfied customers. Be the successful solution for cooling needs in open areas.